Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The first time I heard that word (starbox) I had no idea what it meant. To be honest I assumed that it was some high fashioned accessory; and I guess it can be considered that way too. I mean, it was described as something that all women wanted to have and all men just plain straight wanted. But starbox, a.k.a good pu**y or the whole package is what makes the world go round.

Now I know that I've got the starbox, ; ) and I'm not bragging but I've consistently been complemented on my starbox quality (hehehe). but anyways lets not make this about me.

The real issue is the music. I've recently returned home from a long stay away. In my country, Jamaican dancehall is a major part of the music scene and lifestyle of a lot of young people. For the most part the lyrical content are usually either sexual, violent or sexually violent. I would love to pretend that we all know that these are just lyrics, but sadly I have been proven wrong time and time again.

Both young women and some not sooo young men are convinced ( it seems by this music) that when it comes to sex, girls must want their cuchies "daggered", "beaten", "pounded", "stabbed" and other such violent variations of homicidal vocabulary. But it doesn’t end there, this same daggered and beaten private part must still stay tight, and with sufficient control over the elasticity of her vaggie muscles the female in possession of said organ must be able to "quint it pon de edge". Ohhhh yeah... it means exactly what you think it does.

I totally understand the need for the occasional rough kinky sex (the vex sex as a good friend calls it) I mean no one likes monotony especially when it comes to the nookie, but ya'll cant be serious, this is not and should not be the standard. If you have that starbox, having it pounded on such a regular basis would definitely depreciate your starbox value. But damn, even if you aren't one of the chosen few, allowing someone to treat your vagina like a piece of conch, or “a child who has done something wrong” can not only be unhealthy mentally and physically but ruins any chances of you having a twat worth fucking anyway.

Ladies, your pu**y is a place for pleasure, a place where you can find joy, a place that should be nurtured and cared for, and not only by your man but also by your self. Part of having that starbox quality is maintenance. Just cause you ain't got a man, don’t mean that you can't take care of her your self, after all practice makes perfect,(and you don’t need a whole team to practice, you can shoot the hoops all by your self) on the other hand f***ing every Tom, Dick or Harry that you find cute won’t cut it either. You've got to start respecting yourselves and your vaginas will respect you. A starbox is that way because it is not mistreated nor abused but pampered.