Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bloody Love

Love bleeds,

a strangled cry escapes her lips

as in an ocean of hatred her blood it drips.

Her tears are smeared across her heavenly face,

Charity it seems has lost her grace.

Love's seed are dug up from their nesting place

scattered to the winds

gone to waste.

Love weeps, for hope has died,

buried deep, but long lives pride.

From these evils none can hide .

Poor love has drowned in high tide.

Battered and broken

tormented and strained ,

Love's chaste name has now been stained.

Doubt kills Faith and Fear consumes,

our once kind Love , she needs no room

for truth or trust or perfect plans.

Love's heart lies broken in her hands.

Friday, June 4, 2010

(500) Days of Summer

"Boy meets girl, Boy falls in love, Girl doesn't"

A story about love but not a love story. (500) Days of summer is the most truthful romantic comedy I have ever seen. I absolutely fell in love with this movie, perhaps its Summer's quirky charm, or Tom's sweet likable-ness. Maybe it's the amazing cinematography and off beat editing that Indie films deliver, or maybe it's the near perfect sound track (the best since Juno). What ever it is, this movie is a must see, It shatters all the "rules" of the Hollywood romance and yet it is an honest look at having loved and lost.

Tom the hopeless romantic falls in love with Summer, the girl who every other guy wants but can never have, the girl who believes that love isn't real. The cut and paste editing is a reflection of Tom's memory of his year and a half with Summer, in memory we choose what we want to remember. The film highlights the good and the bad of falling in love. We see how Tom suffers and looses his faith in love. And just like Tom one minute we love Summer and the next we think she's such a bitch.

The movie is full of heart and truth and soul. It is a remarkably insightful and funny reinvention of the genre and if you have ever loved and lost this movie would be easy company. Director Marc Webb shines in his feature film and I honestly can't wait to see
where he goes from here.

P.S: This movie reminds me of Juno, in fact I think I'm gonna watch that right now.