Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Style over Fashion

ashion over Style. So many times I've heard this nonsense declared by DJs in  parties before dropping some Dance Hall tune or the other that promotes the same stupidity. This is always immediately followed by a large number of 'hot girls' in the party putting their drinks in the air and screaming in agreement to this decree of their life's philosophy. 

What's worse, is that it doesn't seem to be just hype in the club. It's apparent that too many people take this fecal mantra to heart. Men, women, boys and girls all over the Island look like fools on a regular basis trying to keep up with Kim and Kanye and it's annoying as hell.

I am so tired of going through photos on Facebook after an event and feeling sorry for the girls and some of the guys because they look a mess, and yes the chicks are the worst. You do it to yourselves ladies; running down every fashion trend that comes on the market in an effort to 'look good', or whatever. Well its not working and as a matter of fact, it has backfired horribly. 

This is entirely the wrong approach. Giving priority to trends as opposed to developing your own sense of style can only lead to one looking a hot mess. 

Fashion is basically what's popular in a certain geographic area at a specific time or among a particular group of people, in short, it's clothes that are popular. This would obviously contribute to our sense of style but it shouldn't be the end all of it. At the end of the day personal style is more important than 

just randomly buying something just because 'it dey in'.  
Style is using clothing and accessories as an outlet for your personality. It's knowing who your are, what you want to say and not stressing about whether you fit in or not. Even though you do use fashionable pieces, it should be a reflection of your personality, your own individual 'je ne sais quoi' must shine through. 

Having style means being consistent, you can't be boho today and hipster tomorrow, just because you saw it on tumblr. Spending hundreds on threads is not a positive indicator of style either, on the contrary an individual with real style can thrift shop or DIY it and still look absolutely fabulous. 

And that's the other thing. Lord Gawd!!! just because it looked good on Rhi Rhi doesn't mean that it would flatter you. having style means that before you make that purchase you have considered your size, your likes and dislikes and your comfort level. Looking good is not synonymous with looking like everyone else. It certainly does not mean you have to look like the Michelin Man in a cut out body con dress.

Having style is sexy, it displays a sense of individuality and independence of thought, this my friends... is swag. You shouldn't strive to look like  'one ah dem', instead try to look the way you feel, fit your body and express yourself. Develop a sense of style and let it shine