Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The first time I heard that word (starbox) I had no idea what it meant. To be honest I assumed that it was some high fashioned accessory; and I guess it can be considered that way too. I mean, it was described as something that all women wanted to have and all men just plain straight wanted. But starbox, a.k.a good pu**y or the whole package is what makes the world go round.

Now I know that I've got the starbox, ; ) and I'm not bragging but I've consistently been complemented on my starbox quality (hehehe). but anyways lets not make this about me.

The real issue is the music. I've recently returned home from a long stay away. In my country, Jamaican dancehall is a major part of the music scene and lifestyle of a lot of young people. For the most part the lyrical content are usually either sexual, violent or sexually violent. I would love to pretend that we all know that these are just lyrics, but sadly I have been proven wrong time and time again.

Both young women and some not sooo young men are convinced ( it seems by this music) that when it comes to sex, girls must want their cuchies "daggered", "beaten", "pounded", "stabbed" and other such violent variations of homicidal vocabulary. But it doesn’t end there, this same daggered and beaten private part must still stay tight, and with sufficient control over the elasticity of her vaggie muscles the female in possession of said organ must be able to "quint it pon de edge". Ohhhh yeah... it means exactly what you think it does.

I totally understand the need for the occasional rough kinky sex (the vex sex as a good friend calls it) I mean no one likes monotony especially when it comes to the nookie, but ya'll cant be serious, this is not and should not be the standard. If you have that starbox, having it pounded on such a regular basis would definitely depreciate your starbox value. But damn, even if you aren't one of the chosen few, allowing someone to treat your vagina like a piece of conch, or “a child who has done something wrong” can not only be unhealthy mentally and physically but ruins any chances of you having a twat worth fucking anyway.

Ladies, your pu**y is a place for pleasure, a place where you can find joy, a place that should be nurtured and cared for, and not only by your man but also by your self. Part of having that starbox quality is maintenance. Just cause you ain't got a man, don’t mean that you can't take care of her your self, after all practice makes perfect,(and you don’t need a whole team to practice, you can shoot the hoops all by your self) on the other hand f***ing every Tom, Dick or Harry that you find cute won’t cut it either. You've got to start respecting yourselves and your vaginas will respect you. A starbox is that way because it is not mistreated nor abused but pampered.

Friday, March 27, 2009


I am a Rastaman,
I belong to the Rasta clan,
I wear no shoes and I wrap me head
I carry a staff and I grow me dreds.

I am a Rastaman.
Bun Bablyon is me theme song
bun battyman is the creed long
bun Jesus and the government
bun school and catholic sacriment.

He told me he was a Rastaman,
Bongo dred, who listen to Bob Marley.
Twelve Tribe whose name start wid "i"
Lost sheep, and he high.

He claim he is a Rastaman
but he don't know what is Rastafari,
what is love and peace and justice.
he blinded, his life is a lie.

He ain't no Rastaman,
just a child searching for a home
like a dog searching for a bone.
He lost in the ocean
sinking like stone.

Rastafari is not ignorance.
It's the truth and the search for the Almighty plans
Walking in the ways of the Most High's commands,
For rightousness and justice a Rastaman stands.

Meditating on the scriptures
love and a strong lion heart.
And for the Rastaman knowledge is the start.
The school will teach you to count and read
Rastafari will teach what really counts to his seed.

Respect and love for yo fellow man.
never afarid to lend a helping hand.
But brimstone and fire fo Bablylon.

Hard work and honesty with yoself and Jah.
Pride in yo race,
hope in Africa.
Cleanliness, and love fo nature,
Prudence in the use ah ganja.

Each man have to search and find his own way.
But yo family and His Majesty come first everyday.
learn humbleness in thoughts, words and deeds.
forget about vice and hate and greed.
One Love, One Aim, One Destiny.
A real Rasta search for truth
so let him be.

For King Jua

my daddy...my teacher

Sunday, February 1, 2009


“Know thy self, and to man and God be true

I've recently watched the golden globe winner 'Slum Dog Millionaire' a Danny Boyle film, director of another favorite of mine 'trinspotting'. It was a superbly directed movie (duh) although it's low budget was obvious, this didn't seem to make it look cheap. The story was complete and the characters were clearly defined yet there was some ambiguity about them that had to do with their life situation. If you haven't seen it yet I wont spoil it for you, all I would say is that it was as deserving of its golden globes as Heath Ledger was of his Oscar (!YEAH!!!).

Anyway after we turned off the computer and snuggled in to bed I couldn't fall asleep. Something about the movie was picking at my brain. You see earlier that evening I was reading a book by H.D Lawrence called the 'Plumed Serpent'. I hadn't gotten very far, chapter 3 to be exact, but it was obvious that a central theme in the novel was identity. This book tackled the strange dark ambiguity of Mexico and Mexicans and their seemingly lack and search of an identity.

You see you wouldn't quite get it unless you've lived there, but Mexicans are a very strange and contradicting people. They are complacent yet always against something, always protesting an “injustice”. They are lazy but most of them work 6 days a week sun up to sun down. Their favorite saying is !Viva Mexico! But here there is so much death not just of the body but also of the soul. They do not know who they are, and thus can never be congruent in their actions.

There seemed to be a slightly similar thing happening in 'Slum Dog Millionaire'. There is a struggle with identity that equally is not so much on a personal basis
but on a national level. The whole of India is caught up with the implications of identity, caught up in the web of labels and stereotypes so much that people do not even know who they are, only who they are supposed to be.

I began to think about my own identity, about where I came from, my roots. My thoughts drifted to my ancestors. To who they were before they were sold into slavery, what their names were, what they did for a living, where they had lived. I thought about their forced journey, their lives as slaves and how they lived after 1833. I wondered about how their blood came down through time to reach to me, and if they were in some place looking down on me.

It made me think in my father, a Rastaman whose dream it is to reach the shores of the land of his ancestors. And for the first time I truly understood how he feels. That night I had a hole inside me that I felt could not be filled unless I had something more to hold on to than a history of slavery and vague stories of a great civilizations. I understood then the drive Alex Heley had to find out where he had come from. It seemed to be the only thing that could complete me.

Deep down I think we all need that sense of connection to something that could define us, that could give us a sense of origin and identity. Marcus Garvey once said; “For man to know himself is for him to feel that for him there is no human master” I supposed that being dominated for so many centuries by others had taken away my identity. I felt no bitterness nor hate, just an insatiable need to know.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Oil on Wood ...Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki is my new favorite artist..... she rocks. Her works are oil paintings on wood panels that can be described as a fusion of Art Nouveau and Japanese manga. Kawasaki's art features erotic images of adolescent girls drenched in meloncoly and sensuality. There is something haunting and even disturbing about her paintings. They are highly illustrative and draw you in to the story of each girl. People usually either like her frames or they don't. I LOVE THEM.
I invite you to scrutinize, analyze and enjoy her celebration of sensuality, femininity and strangeness. These are just a few of my favorites. For more check out her official web site www.audrey-kawasaki.com

I'm still here (2008)

My Dishonest Heart (2008)

Collab with Stella Im Hultberg (2008)

Two sisters (2008)

She who dears (2008)

Longing (2008)

The Strangers (2008)

Her secret bird (2008)

Karamari (2008)

Possessed (2008)

Futari Hitori de (2007)

Memai (2007)

Oiran (2007)

Minami no uta (2007)

Yume no ato (2006)

Aisai 1 (2006)

Setsuna 1 (2006)

Koto de doozo (2006)

Octo Girls (2006)

Horn girl (2006)

Lydia (2006)

Oyasumi (2006)

Rat Girl (2005)

Green (2005)

Touch me (2005)

Lick Face (2005)

Two girls (2005)

wanting (2008)

Reconcile (2008)

Stare (2008)

Okimiyage (2008)


HAPPY NEW YEAR ¡¡¡¡ to every body, wishing you a year filled with beauty, pleasure, love and properity.

and dont forget...
.:have a tasty day:.