Monday, July 26, 2010

The Cove

Taiji is a seemingly beautiful, peaceful, small fishing town in Japan. If you have ever been to or seen photos of Japan's coast line, it will come as no surprise that it could well be among THE most stunning vistas on the planet. The Cove, a documentary by Luc Besson, reveals a sinister and bloody secret that lies just below the surface of the waters of Taiji.

If you have not seen The Cove you need to, the slaughter of thousands of Dolphins without justification is a pratcice that the fishermen of Taiji and the government of Japan are bent on continuing. They attempt to sell it as an innocent traditional activity, but there is so much going on that needs our attention. The ignorant mindless slaughter and torturing of Dolphins; mercury poising and the pimping of small bankrupt nations and third world countries that receive financial support from Japan in exchange for a vote in the International Whaling Commission (IWC), which (by the way) does not even acknowledge the massacre of an obscene number of Dolphins in Japan and worldwide each year. Dolphins are intelligent, self aware mammals and such indiscriminate, unregulated butchery of one of the few animals that truly make knowing human connection is something to be concerned about .

Fortunately since the release of this film there have been some changes, however there is still plenty to be done and we can all contribute to the cause, whether it be a donation, education (spread the word) or front line work. you can visit their official website to make you contribution.

After watching this documentary I felt it would have been sinful not to act. This is not just a phenomenon that occurs in Japan it happens all over the world and we can help to stop it. The website gives you options, you can even begin to make a difference from behind your computer; like me. Visit their website get educated and make a difference.