Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bucket Fete 3.0

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Black Rave 2014

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Uncle Skinny Kids World

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Outside and Underneath

There is a Shell Silverstein poem  I read as a child, Outside or Underneath.

Bob bought a hundred-dollar suit
But couldn't afford any underwear.

Says he, "If your outside looks real good

No one will know what's under there."

Jack bought some hundred-dollar shorts

But wore a suit with rips and tears.

Says he, "It won't matter what people see 

As long as I know what's under there."

Tom bought a flute and a box of crayons,

Some bread and cheese and a golden pear.

And as for his suit or his underwear

He doesn't think about them much....or care.

I liked this poem very much, its take on perspective and priority and the anti-materialistic, happy anyway message was never lost on me. But I'm gonna have to stray a bit here.Unfortunately for Bob, what's under there does matter. As a matter of fact, Jack,  your undies matter just as much and sometimes more than your suit. As for Tom he obviously had bigger fish to fry. We wont address him here.

My last post was about style; knowing how to dress your body in accordance with your taste and personality. Well consider this part two, focused on a somewhat overlooked matter. Underwear. A good foundation is essential to almost everything and no matter your style or fashion, wearing the correct undergarments would make you look even better. It makes no sense wearing 'pretty clothes' if they don't fit well, and more often than not this is due to the lack of proper underwear. 

First off; choose well fitted undergarments that compliment your figure. That would mean if you  have larger breasts you may want a full cup bra or a minimizer bra and avoid push up bras or padded bras simply because you do not need the extra emphasis. Squeezing your boobs into a smaller bra in an effort to make them look smaller or in an effort to create cleavage, would only result in them looking busted and misshapen.I call this the 'rachet titty' look and I know you've seen it before. Brings tears to my eyes every time.

Wearing panties that fit is also key. I know this may sound obvious, but if I had a dollar for every time I saw a panty printing out that was too small, I would be rich. It's just not cute okay. The point is to set the foundation for your clothes to fit seamlessly, whatever the style, not to cut off circulation to your labia.   

Many women today opt for Shapewear and this is an excellent choice to smooth and slim out folds and lumps certain body parts and hold every thing together. It improves the silhouette and even helps with posture but most of all it creates that seamless fit we all desire.

Your underwear should also be comfortable. Finding that balance between function and comfort can get tricky. This has been one of my issues, finding undies that give the correct support and at the same time feel barely there is always a challenge but with some cash and patience this problem can be solved. But COME ON!!! if you know the panty going 'parka' every time u move, if you know you going have to pick it out, don't wear it.

Another important element to consider when choosing the right underclothes is your actual outfit. What are you wearing? Fabric, color, cut and fit. Your undies must compliment this.

For instance, when wearing white clothes persons with darker skin tones should stick to black underwear, as it diminishes that look of transparency. If your garments are revealing choose underwear styles that accommodate for this; strapless bras, thongs or g strings, adhesive silicone bras and in some cases no underwear at all (once your body is tight this shouldn't be a problem). A colorfully decorated bustier can also come in handy. Always have a good full coverage seamless bra for tees when you want that flawless tee shirt look.

I can truly go on forever, but I hope by now you get the idea. There are tips and tricks all over the web as well. Underwear is important when getting dressed. The right undergarments create a good base for your clothes to fit the way they were designed to. Overall you look better in your clothes when you take your time to package whats underneath.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Style over Fashion

ashion over Style. So many times I've heard this nonsense declared by DJs in  parties before dropping some Dance Hall tune or the other that promotes the same stupidity. This is always immediately followed by a large number of 'hot girls' in the party putting their drinks in the air and screaming in agreement to this decree of their life's philosophy. 

What's worse, is that it doesn't seem to be just hype in the club. It's apparent that too many people take this fecal mantra to heart. Men, women, boys and girls all over the Island look like fools on a regular basis trying to keep up with Kim and Kanye and it's annoying as hell.

I am so tired of going through photos on Facebook after an event and feeling sorry for the girls and some of the guys because they look a mess, and yes the chicks are the worst. You do it to yourselves ladies; running down every fashion trend that comes on the market in an effort to 'look good', or whatever. Well its not working and as a matter of fact, it has backfired horribly. 

This is entirely the wrong approach. Giving priority to trends as opposed to developing your own sense of style can only lead to one looking a hot mess. 

Fashion is basically what's popular in a certain geographic area at a specific time or among a particular group of people, in short, it's clothes that are popular. This would obviously contribute to our sense of style but it shouldn't be the end all of it. At the end of the day personal style is more important than 

just randomly buying something just because 'it dey in'.  
Style is using clothing and accessories as an outlet for your personality. It's knowing who your are, what you want to say and not stressing about whether you fit in or not. Even though you do use fashionable pieces, it should be a reflection of your personality, your own individual 'je ne sais quoi' must shine through. 

Having style means being consistent, you can't be boho today and hipster tomorrow, just because you saw it on tumblr. Spending hundreds on threads is not a positive indicator of style either, on the contrary an individual with real style can thrift shop or DIY it and still look absolutely fabulous. 

And that's the other thing. Lord Gawd!!! just because it looked good on Rhi Rhi doesn't mean that it would flatter you. having style means that before you make that purchase you have considered your size, your likes and dislikes and your comfort level. Looking good is not synonymous with looking like everyone else. It certainly does not mean you have to look like the Michelin Man in a cut out body con dress.

Having style is sexy, it displays a sense of individuality and independence of thought, this my friends... is swag. You shouldn't strive to look like  'one ah dem', instead try to look the way you feel, fit your body and express yourself. Develop a sense of style and let it shine

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Open Season On Hearts

It's open season on hearts 
and your emotions are fair game.
It's open season on hearts,
so be careful who you claim.
Cause you may fall victim to a sweet lad or dame
who captures your heart with a smile and a kiss.
Imprisoning it in a cage of temporal bliss. 
But when hunting season comes to an end,
you will be left quite cold and heartless my friend.
Empty and hurting, weeping and lonely.
Your stolen heart now broken 
by that beautiful phoney.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

++++ Thinking

"He can who thinks he can, and he can't who thinks he can't. This is an inexorable, indisputable law."
                        -Pablo Picasso

What happens to your thoughts after you think them? We all regurgitate the "positive thinking" rhetoric, but I really wonder if people know just how true it is.Your thoughts can kill you. OR they can allow you to live a healthy relatively happy life. Once we know and understand the power our minds hold everything would change.

I hate it when people constantly complain about their "bad" situation. They dwell on all the crappy things that keep happening to them. They incessantly recap their pains and sorrows, and never fail to remind you how much bad luck they have, or how they would never find a mate, or a job. Just Stop!

Think of your thoughts as seeds that can grow and blossom or infect and fester. Negativity is cancerous, it attaches itself to your surroundings and grows and attracts more negativity,what you think influences how you live.

 I believe that our thoughts and words hang over our heads like stars or a cloud that follows us around all day. They soak into our walls and into our furniture; they cling to our belongings and even to our very selves. They occupy our spiritual space, and they are catalysts for the events in our lives. It’s a simple equation really. Thoughts turn into words that turn into action, (it is a cycle) and the one rule that will forever hold true in our universe is Newtons Third Law of Motion: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

No force means no acceleration, nothing is random there is always a reason, and the fuel that pushes us through our lives is often our thoughts. 

It is the reason why the pen is mightier that the sword, why the spoken word is so dangerous, because they can plant thoughts that blossom and grow ……. or fester. We must be careful of the thoughts that we harbor about ourselves and about the people around us. Thinking positively is not a meaningless cliche. It could be the difference between happiness and despair. What your college professor said is really true “Attitude IS everything”, and perspective makes all the difference.

Control your thoughts and you can, for the most part, control your life. And I admit, IT IS  easier said than done, it takes practice and a certain level of spiritual discipline and consciousness where you are always aware of who you are, where you are, of who is around you and of what they bring with them, because poison can come in many forms.

This awareness isn't something that we have to learn, but rather something we have to awaken and tap into, because it’s already there. You can put it like this; there are taunt strings attached to us and when we think, and when we do, the vibrations go out into the universe. They certainly have an effect on our lives and the greater the thoughts (i.e; the more you think them), the greater the force, the greater the influence.

I say let us influence positively our own existence and the lives of others. But we must start with our thoughts.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rule #1 : Lick it Before you Stick it ......

How important is sex in your relationship?? Whenever I chill with my girls we have the most heated discussions when it comes to sex and relationships, cause we are all so different, and I suppose that's the thing; for different people sex means different things.

My home girl Kay (I'm using an alias to protect her identity -_-) has a huge problem. Her new man refuses to eat the sour sop, he doesn't wanna munch on the cookie, he objects to going down on her. Personally I was appalled he was even still her man with those kinda going-ons, but surprisingly she is okay with it, she dosn't LIKE it, but she's prepared to live with it.

Besides finding it difficult to believe that men like that still exist. I remain totally bewildered and perplexed, even in the aftermath of her lengthy explanation of how "some-things-must-be-sacrificed-for-the-greater-good" ... blah blah blah. How could you be okay with mediocre sex??... from anyone?? ... let alone the person you are considering spending the rest of your life with ??? So he's an awesome guy besides that, she insists he treats her like a Disney Princess, just a stand up human being really. The sex, well.... not so awesome, o_O but home girl is willing to tough it out and hope he comes around..... goes down..... or whatever.

I say... good for her, but I wasn't gonna be able to do that. Just like I can't be with a man who does not have the sufficient intellect to hold a decent conversation with me, I cannot be with someone who is sexually incompatible. I love sex, to say the least. My partner must be able to satisfy me (that includes enthusiastic oral sex) and vice versa. If not, we would just be wasting our time. 

I am unwilling to sacrifice my sex life just cause he's a nice guy. I'll wait ..... I'm sure I can find a nice guy eager to give me mustache rides. But seriously, I know you can never have your cake and eat it. That in every relationship compromises have to be made. I certainly know that when looking for a mate common sense wins, the perfect man does not exist, but I will be damned if I stay with a man who doesn't do the cabbage Patch at the thought of licking me like a puppy, with a bowl ah milk. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Take me there

My dream is to work hard so I can travel the world. I know I probably wont be able to go to every nook and cranny of the planet so I made a short list of the top 5 places I just absolutely HAVE TO visit before I die (in no particular order). I'll make sure and give yall the other 5 some other time.  






If you could only choose 5 places to visit what would they be?