Friday, March 27, 2009


I am a Rastaman,
I belong to the Rasta clan,
I wear no shoes and I wrap me head
I carry a staff and I grow me dreds.

I am a Rastaman.
Bun Bablyon is me theme song
bun battyman is the creed long
bun Jesus and the government
bun school and catholic sacriment.

He told me he was a Rastaman,
Bongo dred, who listen to Bob Marley.
Twelve Tribe whose name start wid "i"
Lost sheep, and he high.

He claim he is a Rastaman
but he don't know what is Rastafari,
what is love and peace and justice.
he blinded, his life is a lie.

He ain't no Rastaman,
just a child searching for a home
like a dog searching for a bone.
He lost in the ocean
sinking like stone.

Rastafari is not ignorance.
It's the truth and the search for the Almighty plans
Walking in the ways of the Most High's commands,
For rightousness and justice a Rastaman stands.

Meditating on the scriptures
love and a strong lion heart.
And for the Rastaman knowledge is the start.
The school will teach you to count and read
Rastafari will teach what really counts to his seed.

Respect and love for yo fellow man.
never afarid to lend a helping hand.
But brimstone and fire fo Bablylon.

Hard work and honesty with yoself and Jah.
Pride in yo race,
hope in Africa.
Cleanliness, and love fo nature,
Prudence in the use ah ganja.

Each man have to search and find his own way.
But yo family and His Majesty come first everyday.
learn humbleness in thoughts, words and deeds.
forget about vice and hate and greed.
One Love, One Aim, One Destiny.
A real Rasta search for truth
so let him be.

For King Jua

my teacher


basicallybloggin said...

hey..this is nice..did you write it?

I notice you from the caribbean..which island? Im from St. Vincent

***Coco Kanela*** said...

yea i wrote it as a tribute to my father the only real rastaman i know....
and i'm from Vincy too
from Campdenpark
where u from

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