Saturday, February 6, 2010

On To The Next One

Now despite all the conspiracy theories about J and this video that are floating about (which by the way i think is bull shit, and I'm not about to make this blog about whether Jay-Z is a Devil worshiper or not) [rolls eyes*], The video is actually pretty awesome. With his vision and director Sam Brown's talent, an edgy, artsy but luxuriously visual video was created. The camera movements are pretty simple but that is only to accommodate the striking imagery, a mix of art and pop culture that obviously makes a strong statement. Since 99 problems rap videos have become more and more artistic and complexed, not just about shiny jewelry, half naked women or overly pricey cars, but real thought provoking content or in other words art.

Oh, and by the way The Blue print 3 is my favorite album for this year I constantly have it on replay so i suggest you lend it an ear.



basicallybloggin said...

well..this is where we differ...

if ever you have 30 mins to watch something on youtube..look at "Jay-Z Deception" (1 - 11) and THEN tell me you still think its bullshit

i thought it WAS bullshit before..but then...i watched that...and trust me..there is NO doubt..

***Coco Kanela*** said...

yes ive looked at it and a million others and i have also read a couple books on Zen spirituality, pop culture, Hindu and Taoism but for some strange reason no one mentions the similarities this vid has with those beliefs if u look for something u will find it and find justification

basicallybloggin said...

so basically, you're sayin they are grasping at straws? I do agree that some of them really do reach but this for Jay-Z, its just too many coincidences...this has been goin on since before BP3.

And not just him...his oh so darling wife is in on it too. If you think im grasping would they explain "the pale white horse" in the background of sweet dreamz video?

***Coco Kanela*** said...

dont put words in my mouth i never said anything about straws lol, i did say however that I will not make this about whether jay-Z is a devil worshiper, I honestly jus intend to admire this video on an artistic level .... i feel tho that these accusations make that impossible.

Anonymous said...

dude you need to shut the F up and go out and READ something and stop doing your broke ass lame researches from youtube, fricking loser.

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