Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Toast To The VMA Ass hole

No really, hats off to Yeezy, Cheers. I've been meaning to do a review of his Power Trailer (video) and I kept putting it off. But I guess that just gave me more time to say what I think about a few more things that happened.

First off Kanye makes Twitter the fun place on the internet. And his stream of consciousness tweet and apology to Taylor swift, had us all hanging onto his every tweet, I was so happy to hear that the EGO was gonna take a back seat and music was gonna drive the Maybach again. I just wanted to give Kanye a hug at that moment, and then, I wanted to move on.

But then the VMA's happen and Taylor sings her "I forgive you Kanye" (tears*) song. I don't know exactly what to think about that one. On one hand it could be a very magnanimous gesture to end the whole thing, but then I cant help but think; come on, the guy was rude, he didn't rob a bank ("You are not what you did".... ?????) sounds like little Miss America's Sweet heart needs to get over her self. It was a Moon man not a Pulitzer......Anywho, Yeezy did well in his performance of a song none of us had ever heard and my glass was definitely up, SALUD!!.

So to the video. Can anyone say splendiferous genius on film. I LOVE IT!. I had previously proclaimed Jay Z's On To The Next One Video as the best I had seen in a couple years, but Power is the Best Video Of All Time ( Kanye voice)*.

Now some may read too little into the video; Kanye thinks he's a god, there he goes on another Ego trip. Some may read too much; Devil worshipper!! he said the clock is ticking!! 0_o. But isn't that a bit too shallow for someone with a mind like Mr. West? The truth is a lot less complicated than the occult and a lot more complex than Ego. This video is insightful, it's 120 seconds of truth.

It is powerful and amazing Hip Hop, with drums and a base line that just slaps you in the face. With samples from King Crimson's 21st Century Schizoid Man, its reminiscent of Stronger a few years back. Kanye is Smart, forward thinking and not complacent, he brought it; real Hip Hop Class.

The video is an explanation of his lyrics, at face value he addresses his "haters" with breath taking delivery and epic word play that lets out his frustration and despite its length it speaks volumes. To get the point you only have to look at one item in his moving portrait. The sword of Damocles suspended above his head. Damocles was a courtier of King Dionysius II of Sarycuse. He saw that Damocles longed for glory, and offered to switch places for the day, so Damocles could live as a King. The legend goes that Damocles took full advantage - indulging in food, music, entertainment, sex, until the day ended. He just so happened to look up and see a sharpened sword poised directly above his head, suspended by a single horse-hair. He suddenly lost his appetite for all the things he loved; all the beautiful girls seemed cold and ugly; the food no longer satisfied him. So he asked Dionysius to release him from the nightmare; he no longer wanted to be privileged with such fortune.Dionysius had successfully proven to Damocles a sense of the constant fear in which even great men live in.

Its a magnificent return to form for Yeezy. Kanye is Damocles himself in a position of power that eats away at him. the girls are his excesses and the men with knives and swords his fears.  In the end all that remains are his fears, the power, the perks, the inflated ego means nothing.
"No man should ever have that much power/Clock keeps tickin' I just count the hours/Stop trippin', I'm trippin’ off the power",
After the whole Taylor Swift incident things haven't been great with Kanye, and lets face it he wasn't on top of his game for a while now, but things seem to be looking up, as he comes to realize that Power isn't all its cracked up to be. Back to making magnificent music

I give it 10/10


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